For when you are at work:-

a) Better backs for drivers.
b) How to find the right driving position.
c) Self help for desktop and laptop users.
d) Stress and tension as part of back and neck problems.
e) How to help your back at work and home.

For sport, leisure and home

a) How to help your back at home and work.
b) How to survive gardening.
c) More detailed tips for pain free gardening.
d) Flying, holidays, bad backs and necks.
e) Choosing the correct bed.
f) Top tips for surviving Christmas.

About back and neck problems

a) Useful information for you and your back.
b) Good evidence for self help and your back.
c) What sort of back pain do I have?
d) The role of exercises in recovery.


Products and links

a) Andrew Gilmour's favourite links.
b) Andrew Gilmour's favourite products.


For Clinicians and Professionals

a) Help and advice for Practitioners.
b) Optimising all areas of your Practice.
c) Professional 'Support Service' for Practitioners.
d) Comissioning for General Practitioners
e) Work life balance and 'time out' for professionals.