Andrew Gilmour's favourite links

There is so much information regarding backs, treatment and advice on the internet. Patients' often find it hard to get it all into perspective. Knowing who, and what, to believe is difficult!.
Here, Andrew Gilmour offers a some of his favourite sites:-  - A wide range of healthcare products at sensible prices delivered to your door.  - For advice on beds and sleeping. - Michael Mann, pilates instructor at 10 Fonnereau Rd Ipswich offers advice and online classes. Michael has years of experience and runs small group workshops of up to 4 people. Many of Andrew Gilmour's patients see him for preventative help once they are through the 'painful phase'. - For bike/swim/run products and sensible advice. This outlet based in Colchester is well worth a visit for bikes and trainers. They spend time ensuring you have the right kit and will not give you a 'hard sell'.  Good unbiased and comprehensive advice about backs and treatment. -The British Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine carries useful information regarding injecting techniques, such as local steroid injections, caudal epidurals and prolotherapy. - The National Sports Medicine Institute offers good unbiased information regarding sports injuries and the best treatment options available, - The General Osteopathic Council is the governing body of Osteopaths and all matters relating to the training, regulation and practise of Osteopaths are described here. - A wide range of advice and information regarding conditions and treatments. - The Health and Safety Executive site. Advice regarding conditions arising in the workplace and how to deal with them. - The National Pain Foundation has a wealth of really good, sensible and unbiased information for sufferers of all types of pain. It also covers treatment options and helpful self help advice. There are more good links there too.  A new website offering advice on all foot conditions, self help advice and products which can be bought online.

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