Professional support service for practitioners

Professional practice can be a lonely existence and the challenges involved can be magified without a proper support system. Most of these have been seen before with solutions developed and successfully implemented.
Through his practising lifetime Andrew Gilmour has given support and advice to friends and colleagues in many areas of practice. His long experience in growing one of the largest Osteopathic practices in the country from scratch combined with years of service on the Osteopathic Council and involvement with the Osteopathic Schools as well as meeting the ISO9002 quality standard equips him to do this.


Areas include:-

  • Optimising patient care
  • Learning from critical incidents
  • Mentoring
  • Complying with best practice
  • Practice development in all areas
  • Web site and patient information
  • Support and advice during professional investigation
  • Good financial management
  • Valuing, Buying and selling a practice
  • Succession planning


In the first instance Andrew Gilmour is happy to answer questions from practitioners of all disciplines. 

For practitioners wishing to optimise all areas of their practice on an ongoing basis Andrew has a practice review system which allows him to analyse your practice and help make changes in the areas which will deliver the most effective changes. For this service he charges an hourly/daily rate with all costs transparent at the outset.


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