Optimising all areas of your practise


Running a good practice is difficult enough, but driving a really excellent practice demands energy, true enthusiasm and a relentless attention to detail in every area of practice life.


The road to excellence, Andrew Gilmour believes, should be patient centred. Meeting, or exceeding, the expectations of patients from the moment they first contact the practice, their first impression of the premises, staff and clinicians are all critical. Time keeping, empathy, the quality of examination and treatment and many ancillary factors are just as important.


As well as coping with the demands of a busy practice, it can be difficult to reflect on all these areas, or indeed monitor whether you are doing as well as you think you are.


In addition to making things right for patients, there is a business to run. If the financial side of the practice is managed well, there is sufficient funding to maintain every aspect of the infrastructure from furnishings and decorating, from staff remuneration and training to development of IT systems to name but a few.


Andrew Gilmour offers to share a system developed over 30 years to help clinicians develop and run excellent practices.


Contact andrew@gilmourosteopathy.co.uk  07789 006364


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