Commissioning for General Practitioners


Andrew Gilmour was responsible for negotiating 'Fundholding contracts' with 5 General Practices in Suffolk in 1995. He successfully managing these contracts until the National Health fundholding arrangements ceased. These contracts were well received by local General Practitioners.
With recent changes in local provisioning of NHS care, it is likely that opportunities for funded Osteopathic care of musculoskeletal and, in particular, spinal problems may present.
Andrew Gilmour has experience in matters relating to:-
  • Provision of service, including premises and location issues.
  • Setting and monitoring standards of care in relation to evidence based practice. Both on internal and external basis.
  • Conforming to national guidelines.
  • Managing the referral and review process.
  • Costing issues such as 'cost per case' vs 'fee per visit'.
  • Feedback to stakeholders.
Andrew has extensive documented evidence of the process and is willing to share this with interested parties.
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