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Andrew Gilmour's favourite products

Good quality, effective products are important to patients suffering back pain and other mechanical joint problems from sports injuries to osteoarthritis.
New gimmicks are often 'here today, gone tomorrow'. Here Andrew Gilmour offers a few of his favourite suggestions. (Please note that Andrew makes no gain from these recommendations) :-


  • Airstream pillow – The best pillow Andrew has come across in over 30 years. Also the cheapest at around £14.99 (April 2010) from Argos or duvets online.
  • Backfriend – Not the cheapest back support for use in chairs or in the car, but the most popular over the years. For use in cars, be aware that car seats with lateral supports may be too narrow for the Backfriend, so it is worth measuring first. Available at:
  • Laptop stands and a cordless keyboard and mouse – A must for anyone using a laptop regularly for more than 2 hrs per day. Visit laptop solutions at although there are cheaper options such as those at Staples (the stationery retail supply chain). There a laptop stand and cordless setup are around £50 (January 2011). 
  • Sports supports for knees, ankles, tennis elbows and lots more through A huge range of products at sensible prices to buy online and have delivered to your door.
  • For bikes, trainers and swimming gear in East Anglia, Andrew recommends in The Cowdray Centre Colchester, for a sensibly priced range of options. They have a covered walk/run/cycleway to test gear and offer sensible advice without the `hardsell’.
  • School backpacks:- Children of all school ages often struggle with unsuitable loads every day of the week. With the absence of lockers in many schools, the problems persist between lessons too. Our research, to the detriment of, children’s health has highlighted that as much as 30% of bodyweight can frequently be carried on one shoulder. Ergonomically designed packs which are 'cool' enough for students, are available from:- pack range 

  • For travellers with circulatory problems- try the lymgym to  exercise your lower limbs on long flights.
  • Mattress – the tempur matress is enduringly successful There are cheaper options, but the tempur remains the most popular memory foam matress with service and aftersales to match.
  • Free Impartial Back Advice - Back Care has evolved from the former Back Pain Association. It has a wealth of impartial advice and tips for sufferers at . Andrew Gilmour is a Professional member and supporter of Back Care. As well as the website, there is now a new App free for download. It offers free advice and exercises. There is also  the ability to search for a pracititioner in the area nearest you. 
  • Having difficulty turning to reverse your car. -The Kwik Park Lens costs £6.00 and sticks to the rear window to expand your vision without 'cricking your neck!'
  • See your baby in the car without upsetting your neck- The Baby/child mirror gives you a panoramic view of the back seat and costs only £4.75 from :-
  • Best tennis elbow strap - Andrew Gilmour's favourite tennis elbow strap with gel insert. Well priced and as it black doesn't show the dirt!! £8.99 ( Dec 2010)
  • Coccyx pad - If you have a coccyx problem, it doesnt matter how effective the treatment, you will need to keep the pressure off when sitting. This is the best coccyx cushion around at £24.34 (Dec 2010).
  • Cold packs -When suffering the sudden onset of any back or joint strain, an ice pack should never be far a way. Here are a selection at varying prices.
  • Bra straps and neck and shoulder problems- Neck and shoulder problems can be exacerbated by the pressure exerted by bra straps. The load can be spread by using a silicone shoulder pad. Cost £6.00 (July 2011) from
  • Stairlift Advisor - is an independently owned website that aims to offer impartial advice to anyone seeking more information about stair lifts. The website offers a useful comparison table, which allows the visitor to compare the various features of the most popular stairlifts available on the UK market. There is also a detailed FAQ section, which aims to answer many of the questions that customers have before making a purchase.

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