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Mechanical dysfunction

Mechanical dysfunction of the spine occurs when the spinal mechanics are abnormal or disturbed. This,as opposed to there being an obvious problem with the structure of the spine, a disc prolapse or congenital abnormality which can be seen on an MRI scan. It can occur in the cervical dorsal or lumbar spine.

Mechanical dysfunction is most commonly caused by specific spinal segments which do not function correctly. This can be secondary to postural problems, leg length discrepancy and spinal curvatures, or secondary to trauma or degenerative changes.

These problems are mainly diagnosed on a clinical examination. They can be helped by Osteopathy or Physiotherapy in the first instance. Trigger point injections can help the soft tissue element of the problem. Pilates can be helpful to bridge the progression from active treatment to independence from it.

The treatment of mechanical dysfunction is often very rewarding and makes up a large part of Osteopathic practise.

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