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Back pain and pregnancy

Back pain is common in pregnancy, especially in the later stages, as posture changes when the foetus grows and the ligament laxity caused by hormonal changes takes effect.
The lower back hollow (or lordosis) becomes more pronounced and the corresponding reverse curve above (the kyphosis) also increases. These changes result in muscle overwork and strain of the spinal and sacro-iliac joints.
Osteopathic treatment can be helpful in maintaining spinal function through pregnancy, and in early motherhood, when the spine needs to recover and the muscles be strengthened. Treatment in pregnancy is usually gentler than normal. Exercises are important and Pilates exercises can be a useful adjunct to this.
Julia Endercott is a physiotherapist specialising in womens health, as well as being a pilates instructor. She runs a range of classes, and some specific for mothers in recovery from childbirth. Andrew Gilmour can arrange referral if necessary.

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