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Patients often visit, or are referred by their General Practitioners, to see whether they can obtain relief from headache or migraine.
There are many causes of headache and it is helpful, but not essential, if patients have been assessed by their General Practitioner, neurologist or ear nose and throat specialist.
There is no specific test which can determine whether headache is caused by spinal problems. The best way forward for an Osteopath, is to examine the patient's neck, to  see whether there are any mechanical or postural problems. If there are, a trial of treatment is used to see whether improvement in neck function has any effect on the headache or migraine.
3-4 treatments is usually sufficient to determine whether there is any relationship between neck problems and headache. If there is no change with treatment, other investigation or treatment options should be sought.
Osteopathic treatment is an important avenue to explore for patients concurrently suffering neck pain and headache

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