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Overworking muscles in the spine can change in their character and become fibrous. These elements can be easily felt by a clinician such as Osteopath or Physiotherapist. Their presence can be demonstrated to patients by 'rolling' a finger or thumb across them. They sometimes cause a creaking feeling particularly around the shoulder blade and neck area. Pain is felt as a persistant ache over the muscle area, but there are also specific tender spots known as trigger points, These can be very painful when pressed or provoked.
Fibrositis often responds to Osteopathic manipulation stretching, acupuncture needling and massage. It is seen by Andrew Gilmour in practice on a daily basis. Trigger point injections from Spinal Physician Dr Harley at Parry and Gilmour Tollgate Cottage, Yarmouth Rd Melton, Suffolk. 01394 387818 can help as well as appropriate pain control medication, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants.
Fibrositis may be part of a wider rheumatological problem such as fibromyalgia, and in these instances, a Rheumatologist’s opinion can be helpful.

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