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Knee pain

There are many causes and types of knee pain. These include:-
  • Simple strain caused by activity such as sport, falls or twists, and unaccustomed activity. Most often this involves minor damage to the ligaments on either side of the knee, or the internal cruciate ligaments.
  • Strain or tear of the muscles surrounding the knee. This can involve the hamstrings or quadriceps at the back and front of the thigh, or the calf muscles below the knee.
  • Mechanical strain caused by abnormalities of walking, flat feet or difference in leg length.
  • Osteoarthritis in its early stages.
The above can often be managed by Osteopathic treatment, exercises and appropriate advice.
Other problems may need the advice of a lower limb surgeon and investigation via MRI, ultrasound scan of the soft tissues or internal arthroscopy. They include:-
  • Tear of the meniscus (cartilage) on the inside or outside of the knee.
  • Significant tear of the anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments, (these are the central internal ligaments), which are essential to the stability of the knee.
  • Severe osteoarthritis where full or partial replacement may be needed.
  • Major trauma.
  • Suspicion of pathological (medical) causes of knee pain.

Patients should be assessed by an Osteopath or clinician at the outset, to determine whether their problem can be managed by hands on treatment advice and exercises, or require the opinion of a lower limb surgeon. Mr Mark Bowditch at Nuffield Health Ipswich is an Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in lower limb disorders and is very experienced in these matters.


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