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Sports injuries.

Andrew Gilmour is often called upon to asess and treat sports injuries of all types. He has travelled with sports teams to international events, managed the injuries of olympic medallists as well as meeting the needs of keen amateur sportsmen.
Sports injuries are many and varied and include:-
  1. Those of runners, team players and field athletes, such as hamstring, calf, knee and achilles tendon injuries.
  2. Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, repetitive use and shoulder injuries of ball players, especially relating to golf, tennis and squash.
  3. Impact strains and trauma injuries from rugby, horse riding and motorcycling.
  4. Neck and shoulder problems arising from shooting and archery.
  5. Individual sports such as sailing, kayaking, rowing and cycling produce their own specific skeletal problems.

Andrew Gilmour is trained to asses these injuries and determine whether Osteopathic treatment is appropriate, or specialist investigation such as X-ray, MRI scan,  or ultrasound scan is needed. He has the ability to refer to Sports medicine specialists if that is required.

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