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Spondylosis is wearing out or osteoarthritis of the spine. The discs between the vertebrae gradually narrow over time and there is said to be an inherent and genetic rate of deterioration for each of us. As the discs narrow,  the facet joints tend to wear and there is less room for the nerve roots to exit. These nerve roots may become pressurised, giving rise to sciatic pain in the leg or brachial neuritis in the arm. Low back spondylosis is called Lumbar spondylosis and neck spondylosis is called Cervical Spondylosis

We all develop spondylosis at some stage in life. The real question is how much and at what age?
The effects of spondylosis are stiffening of the spine, with weakening and shortening of the surrounding muscles. The spine becomes stiff and then vulnerable to being strained.
Spondylosis in its early to moderate stages can be treated by Osteopathic manipulation and Andrew Gilmour frequently does this. Combined with joint stretching and massage techniques this can be very effective.
Advanced and symptomatic spondylosis may need X-ray or MRI scan investigation and the opinion of a Spinal surgeon.

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