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Sciatica is pain, parasthaesia (pins and needles) and sometimes weakness which can affect one or both legs. Very often there are reflex changes, differences and skin sensitivity or weakness. These are evident on examination by an Osteopath, General practitioner or specialist.
Sciatica most commonly arises from a disc prolapse, or spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal), and if unresponsive to normal advice and treatment measures is best investigated by MRI scan.
Mild to moderate sciatica is often amenable to Osteopathic treatment and is a condition which Andrew Gilmour treats on a daily basis. Appropriate advice, carefully adhered to, is important in the management of sciatica. Sitting is usually best avoided and activity little and often, such as walking or 'pottering about' usually helps.
The more severe or persistant sciatica becomes, the more likely it is that you will require an MRI scan to diagnose the extent of the problem
Andrew Gilmour can arrange MRI scans at a cost of £410 at Nuffield Health Ipswich. Following MRI scan investigation, he usually discusses severe or persistant cases at The Multidisciplinary Spinal Team meeting at 10 Fonnereau to gain the opinion of Spinal Surgeons Mr Sharp and Mr Lovell, Pain Specialist Dr Bailey, Spinal Physician Dr Harley and Physiotherapist colleagues.

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