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Brachial neuritis

Brachial neuritis is the term given to pain arising from the nerves which emanate from the neck (segments C5-T1). They form together as the brachial plexus in the armpit area, before sending nerves into the arm. It is the arm equivalent of sciatica in the leg.
When there is pressure on these nerves pain, parasthesia (pins and needles) and weakness may result. The area of the arm affected will give an indication of which nerves are involved.
Brachial neuritis can be caused by disc and mechanical problems in the neck and spinal cord area, and rarely by difficulties with the apex of the lung. Arm symptoms can also be caused by entrapment of nerves at the elbow and wrist. Differentiation between these causes should be made by a clinician undertaking neurological testing. MRI scans of the neck can be helpful in this, as well as nerve conduction studies
Brachial neuritis caused by mechanical problems, mild to moderate disc problems or degenerative changes (wear in the spine) is often helped by Osteopathic hands on treatment. It is something Andrew Gilmour frequently assesses and treats as appropriate.

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