Andrew Gilmour

practices in Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Andrew Gilmour has created a team of practitioners including osteopaths, physiotherapists, a musculoskeletal physician, sports physician and personal trainer and a psychologist. With access to MRI and imaging services the team is well placed to seek and provide the most appropriate solution to each and every patient's problem.

This practice, is based on Andrew's 35 years of experience at the forefront of osteopathy and serves Ipswich, Felixstowe, Martlesham, Woodbridge, Aldeburgh and the Suffolk Coastal area.

More details can be found at or call 01394 387818

Treatment from Andrew Gilmour

Osteopathy is best known for the treatment of spinal problems. These can happen throughout life and for a multitude of reasons, such as lifting, accidents, poor posture, worn joints and disc problems to name just a few. Repeated surveys by The Osteopathic Information Service have shown that what most Osteopaths treat, most often, is spinal pain which 4 out of 5 people will suffer at some stage.

Gilmour & Associates in Melton

Andrew Gilmour is delighted with the response he has had to the new practice.
Patients are enjoying the atmosphere we have created, the staff, ease of access and plentiful parking.

In addition to the osteopathy Andrew Gilmour offers, the team includes:-

- Osteopath - Felix Cory-Wright
- Physiotherapist - Mark Endacott
- Spinal physician - Dr Simon Harley
- Sports and exercise physician - Dr Chris Rufford
- Psychologist - Julia Colthorpe
- Sports massage and personal training - Annabelle Nunn
- Physiotherapy based Pilates - Julia Endacott
- MRI and imaging services

For more information or to make an appointment please call 01394 387818 or mail


Your Visit

Whether you are a new to Osteopathy or have received treatment elsewhere, you will almost certainly have many questions to ask. They may relate to Osteopathy, your treatment, or practical matters to do with your visit. Here, Andrew Gilmour answers as many of these questions as he can.


Osteopathy is a way of treating damaged parts of the body, such as muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints. The focus is improving the way in which the moving parts of your body work, in order to reduce pain and improve mobility. Andrew Gilmour uses manipulation, massage and western acupuncture which is known as dry needling.

If Osteopathy is not appropriate for your problem, he will refer you to a well tried and trusted network of doctors, consultants and practitioners for a further opinion, investigation and explanation of further treatment options.