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Sacro-iliac buttock and hip exercises

 1) Stretches:-Lie on your back on the floor, preferably on a mat. Bring your right knee up and clasp both hands around it. Now, take the point of your knee in as large a circle as possible, particularly emphasising the part of the circle when your knee is pointing towards the opposite shoulder. Repeat with the other leg and each leg 5 times.

Useful for:- Stretching hip joints in early arthritis, buttock muscles and sacro-iliac joints.


2) Knee dips:- Stand next to something you can hold onto, if necessary, such as a mantelpiece or banister rail. Raise one foot off the floor so you are standing on one leg. Now, bend the leg you are standing on 10-15 degrees, stop and then slowly straighten. Repeat 5 times and then on the other leg. When you can do this easily on one leg try, it with your eyes shut! Be ready to hold on.

Useful for:- Improving buttock and quadriceps strength. Improving balance and  co-ordination.


The self help exercises presented here are offered as examples of what may of value to patients. Exercises are of most value when they are prescribed in relation to a specific diagnosis and as part of a treatment plan. The number of repetitions and the frequency with which they are done will by different for each patient. Andrew Gilmour suggests that you should visit a properly qualified clinician before embarking on a exercises




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