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Coping with January depression

The third Monday in January is said to be the most depressing day of the year. Depression and anxiety have a part to play in spinal and joint problems so this might be the moment to determine whether they are affecting you. Many patients feel uneasy about admitting to these problems, but they are very common and your life can be markedly different if they are addressed. Improvement in mental health status has a known 'knock on' effect on your physical symptoms.
The GAD7 quantifies anxiety and the PHQ9 depression. The pdf files below give you access to the questionnaires and how to score them. There is good evidence for their use.
If you score highly for depression and anxiety you should consider visiting your General Practitioner or a suitably trained health professional.
Bev Karia is a psychologist who practises at 10 Fonnereau Rd ,Ipswich and is experienced in these matters.
Hugh Clover is a hypnotherapist based in Stratford St Mary offering self-hypnosis as a positive approach to depression and anxiety. More information is available at

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