The difference between Osteopathy and Chiropractic

This list is intended as a "rough guide" for patients to compare the two disciplines. To date the professions themselves have not generated a definitive list. However, Andrew Gilmour has in conjunction with a chiropractor highlighted some of the perceived comparisons.
  • The philosophies of Osteopathy and Chiropractic are more similar than different.
  • Patient characteristics are similar.
  • Both involve diagnosis before treatment.
  • Both involve mainly manipulative 'hands-on' treatment.
  • Chiropractors often X-ray for screening purposes where Osteopaths x-ray for clinical need (identified by the Wiltshire Health Authority study).
  • Chiropractors use more stronger joint manipulative techniques and less soft tissue techniques Osteopaths treatment times tend to be longer than Chiropractors.
  • There are wide intra-professional differences amongst practitioners of both professions and these could be as great as the inter-professional differences.
  • There should be an element of patient preferred choice regarding which profession to visit.
The above list is not intended as a definitive list or an aggressive stance against Andrew's Chiropractic colleagues. It aims to be a starting point in differentiating the professions and Andrew Gilmour invites feedback to evolve it further.

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