Training, regulation and continuing education of Osteopaths

The Osteopathic profession is regulated by the General Osteopathic Council whose role is to regulate the practise of Osteopathy. This is a system of statutory self regulation under the watchful eye of the Privy Council and the Department of Health.
The Osteopaths Act of Parliament was passed in 1994 and the Statutory Register became live in May 2000. Compliance with the act involved a rigorous process of practitioners on an individual basis and the profession is stronger for that.
Once registered, Osteopaths are obliged to conform to compulsory codes of training, ethics, practise and professional behaviour for the protection of their patients. Osteopaths enjoy what is known as 'protection of title'. This means that osteopaths who do not meet the standard and register with the Osteopathic Council cannot call themselves 'Osteopath', and can be called to account by Trading Standards.
What do you have to do to keep up your skills and knowledge? 
Andrew Gilmour is compelled to record and submit a minimum level of Continuing Professional Development activity in order to renew his registration on an annual basis.
What does training involve? 
Osteopaths train through a degree programme run by schools having 'recognised qualification' status. A list of schools which have been awarded this status is held by The General Osteopathic Council  (0207 357 6655). Osteopathic training involves knowledge of basic medical sciences such as anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, a grounding in medical knowledge such as pathology, neurology and orthopaedics and a focus on manipulation and clinical skills. Professionalism, ethics research and radiology are included in a long list of other subjects.
Where can I find out more?
Helpful osteopathic information can be obtained from:-
The General Osteopathic Council, Osteopathy House, 176 Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 3LU. Tel 020 7357 6655
British School of Osteopathy, 275 Borough High Street, London SE1 1JE. Tel 0207 407 0222.

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