Research papers

There are 3 types of paper which are helpful to Osteopaths in guiding their practise:-

a) Evidence regarding the use of manipulation in general.
b) Examples of evidence which leads Osteopaths to change their advice and patient management.
c) Examples of evidence for the use of Osteopathy for Low Back Pain.

Evidence based guidelines

Evidence based guidelines have been useful in reviewing the effectiveness of manipulation for back pain. Usually they are produced by independent bodies and this tends to strengthen their value. They are useful in evaluating the treatment of back pain, but not for other conditions.

1) Guidelines for the management of Low Back Pain - NICE 2009.
2) UK Beam Exercise and Manipulation Trial 2004.
3) Response to the Select Committee Call for Evidence on Complementary and alternative Medicine 2000.
4) Clinical Standards Advisory Group. Epidemiology Review.
5) The Epidemiology and Cost of Back Pain. HMSO (1994) ISBN 001 3218893.

Practice based audit and review

Thorugh his career Andrew Gilmour has tried to reflect on what is happening in practice, what treatment is doing and the effect on patients. Simple audit and note review have been helpful in shaping practise and clinical behaviour. Here are a few examples:-

1) Personal audit of employer funded patients receiving Osteopathy - 1998.
2) External audit of Osteopathy service 1996 (Hatfield Road Surgery - Ipswich).
3) Patient satisfaction audit 1998.
4) MRI audit (N = 100) November 1998.
5) The SF-36 health questionnaire.
6) Osteopaths' communication audit (N = 200) 1998.