Personal audit of employer funded patients receiving Osteopathy - 1998


Whilst working at Gilmour Piper in 1996, Andrew Gilmour negotiated a contract to treat the musculoskeletal injuries of a mixed activity workforce
A workforce of 100 from Cranfields Mills in Ipswich were offered the opportunity to attend for Osteopathic treatment of spinal or musculoskeletal problems when reporting in sick for work.
  • In years 1 and 2 prior to the provision of an Osteopathic service Cranfields lost 140 employee working days each year.
  • In years 3,4 and 5, - 41, 38 and 42 days were lost respectively.
  • Workforce was stable at an average 100.
  • The company's own assessment was of a saving of £100+ per day lost from work.
  • The saving in the reduction of days lost from work was calculated at an average of £10,000 per annum.
  • Fees for Osteopathic service were £1700 per annum, offering a nett saving of £8,300 per year. 

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