External audit of Osteopathy service 1996 (Hatfield Road Surgery)


External Audit of Osteopathy Service 1996 (Hatfield Road Surgery)

This was an independent audit carried out by the General Practitioners using Osteopathy in Ipswich. It was administered and the results collated by them.

  • 76 % of patients found that Osteopathy helped their problem, 'either completely' or 'quite a lot' as compared with 40% with Physiotherapy.
  • For both Osteopathy and Physiotherapy 14 % of patients found that the service did not help their problem at all.
  • 61% of patients found accessing the Osteopathy service either, 'very convenient' or 'convenient' and 62% for Physiotherapy. It was interesting to note that physiotherapy is a practice based service and no patients found this service 'inconvenient' whereas 19% of patients attending for Osteopathy, outside the practice, found it 'inconvenient' to travel to the location of the Osteopathic practice.
  • For Osteopathy 95% were 'very satisfied' or 'satisfied' with the length of time they had to wait for an initial appointment and for Physiotherapy this was 81%.

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