MRI Audit (N = 100) November 1998


A retrospective record audit of course of action following MRI referral.

  • 20% of patients undergoing MRI progressed to some sort of surgical intervention.
  • 20% progressed to out-patient intervention via the Orthopaedic Department (excluding physiotherapy).
  • 10% pending surgical procedure and 8% still under consideration.

Patient questionnaire exploring the patients perspective.

  • 90% felt MRI had helped in the assessment of their problem.
  • 70% thought that their Osteopath had explained their images very thoroughly and 30% quite thoroughly.
  • 70% felt the management of their problem had changed post MRI scan.
  • 45% response rate.
  • As a result of this audit the Fundholding GP's were more willing to accept the Osteopaths referral for MRIs versus a 13 week wait for NHS Spinal Clinic.

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