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Occupational and lifestyle factors

The way you go about your life can have a profound effect on mechanical spine and joint problems, as well as your general health.
  • Most joint problems are adversely affected by being generally less fit and generally deconditioned.
  • Carrying too much weight increases the mechanical strain on joints and the consequences are clear
  • Work life balance issues can result in anxiety stress and depression. The effects of these will infuence your ability to improve or recover
  • Often the above are combined with addictions to smoking alcohol or drugs. These too, are not helpful.
Many patients have difficulties with one or more of the above. It is important to realise that, if you recognise some of it in yourself ,you are far from alone.
Having recognised contributory problems, some patients are able to address them on their own. Others need help from a professional practitioner. There are a variety of ways forward and three of them are offered below:-
1) Dr Simon Rudland is a general practitioner with a depth of experience in providing individualised and proactive solutions for patients having these problems. He practises at 10 Fonnereau Rd on Wednesdays.
2) Mrs Bev Karia is a Psychologist experienced in these matters. She practises at 10 Fonnereau Rd.
3) Mr Hugh Clover is an experienced Hypnotherapist practising at Stratford St Mary and can be found at

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