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Evidence, research and adverse reactions
What is Osteopathy?
The difference between Osteopathy and Chiropractic
Training, regulation and continuing education of Osteopaths
Cranial Osteopathy


Mechanical dysfunction
Disc prolapse
Sacro-iliac pain
Brachial neuritis
Referred pain
Spinal Stenosis
Back pain and pregnancy
Tennis elbow
Golfer's Elbow
Knee pain
Shoulder pain
Foot and ankle pain
Coccyx pain
Sports injuries.


Exercises and their role in your recovery
Neck and shoulder exercises
Low back exercises
Sacro-iliac buttock and hip exercises
Hip exercises
Knee exercises
Muscle stretching exercises


Osteopathic manipulation
Dry needling/trigger point acupuncture/western acupuncture
Chronic pain and Pain Specialists
Spinal and Musculoskeletal Physician
Exercise rehabilitation
Surgery for spinal problems
Prolotherapy as practised by Dr Simon Harley - Musculoskeletal Physician
Pilates and pilates instructors


Andrew Gilmour's favourite links
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Better backs for drivers
Choosing the correct bed
Commissioning for General Practitioners
Evidence based self care advice for back pain sufferers
Flying, holidays and bad backs and necks
How to find the right driving position for your back
How to help your back at home and at work
How to survive gardening
Lifting heavy or awkward loads
Managing whiplash
Musculoskeletal services framework and practice
Optimising all areas of your practise
Professional support service for practitioners
Self help for desktop and laptop VDU users
Spinal problems and surviving Christmas!
Stress and tension as part of back and neck problems
The role of exercises in recovery
Tips for surviving Christmas
Useful information for you and your back
Websites useful for practitioners
What sort of back pain do I have?
Work life balance and 'time out' for clinicians

Self Help

Self help for sports and activities
A positive approach to self help is vital
How to cope with back pain
Self help for reducing stress and tension
Self help following whiplash
Pilates as a means to recovery and prevention
Occupational and lifestyle factors


Conservative treatment and manipulation pre lumbar disc surgery - 2010
Evidence regarding the use of manipulation in general -2010
Examples of evidence for the use of Osteopathy for low back pain - 2010
Examples of evidence which might lead Osteopaths to change their advice. 2011
External audit of Osteopathy service 1996 (Hatfield Road Surgery)
Guidelines for the management of Low Back Pain - NICE 2009
Lumbar spinal stenosis - Surgery or manipulation? 2011
Manipulation and neck generated headache - 2010
MRI Audit (N = 100) November 1998
Musculoskeletal services framework 2006
Osteopathic manipulation for back pain - a systematic review. 2011
Osteopaths' communication Audit (N = 200) 1998
Patient satisfaction Audit 1998
Personal audit of employer funded patients receiving Osteopathy - 1998
Response to the Select Committee call for evidence on Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2000
The SF-36 health questionnaire
The use of ‘maintenance’ or ‘preventative treatment’ in Osteopathic practise. 2011
Thoracic manipulation and its effect on mechanical neck pain
UK Beam exercise and manipulation trial 2004
Useful papers relating to the causes of back pain - 2010


Reporting on Medica exhibition Dusseldorf- Andrew Gilmour
Andrew Gilmour practising at Melton, Woodbridge.
The hose pipe ban and patients with disabilities
Andrew's osteopathy workday raises over £1200 for Help for Heroes
Summer sandals and Flip Flops
Review of injection Results by Dr Simon Harley, Spinal Physician
Coccyx pain - update
Osteopathic manipulation for back pain - a systematic review. 2011
The use of ‘maintenance’ or ‘preventative treatment’. 2011
Coping with January depression
New Year resolutions and spinal problems
Bad backs, stress and surviving Christmas
Study on the value of glucosamine for hip and knee osteoarthritis
New courses for changing eating behaviour
Andrew Gilmour ceases Gilmour Piper partnership
New back pain guidelines
Beware 'Springtime Activity' after a long cold winter