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Osteopathic manipulation

Osteopathic manipulation covers a wide range of treatment approaches, which are applied in various combinations and strengths according to the patient's problem.
They include:-
  • Soft tissue techniques - involving specific stretches and massage to the affected areas, using hands on treatment with you, the patient, as a passive subject.
  • Specific manipulation or High Velocity Thrust (HVT) - This is separation of facet joints which often produces a click, something Osteopaths are well known for. It is an effective way to increase spinal joint mobility.
  • Friction - deep pressure hands on treatment directed at breaking down fibrous scarring in tendons, ligaments or muscles. Friction is useful for sacro-iliac strain, tennis elbow or muscle strains such as hamstrings.
  • Articulation - A method of passively increasing joint mobility with the practitioner moving the joints. This can be more specific than stretching exercises.

Andrew Gilmour incorporates these techniques as part of a treatment approach, which can also involve dry needling, exercises, postural re-education amongst others. Treatment plans involving these elements, are individualised to the patient and, no two 'plans' are the same.

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