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Dry needling/trigger point acupuncture/western acupuncture

The use of Acupuncture techniques in western physical medicine has gained ground in recent years. It is a 'spin off' from research into traditional Chinese Acupuncture but quite different to it. There an abundance of research supporting its' use, including support from The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (2009) in its guidelines for the treatment of back pain.
This technique, used by Andrew Gilmour, involves inserting needles into the tight muscle areas known as trigger points. These are most commonly found in the shoulder blade area and neck, as well as the low back and buttock region. Needling these areas frequently causes a release in the tension and a reduction in pain. It can be helpful when combined with Osteopathic techniques and stretching.
Needles can also be helpful in stimulating tendon thickening in conditions such as tennis and golfers elbow and knee ligament strain.

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