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Chronic pain and Pain Specialists

Chronic, or long term, pain as distinct from sudden onset or acute pain has a quite different effect on patients. The ongoing nature of such problems tends to 'grind patients down'. Lack of physical activity results in physical deconditioning and there are often psychological effects resulting from inability to work, or to undertake daily tasks. These effects are common, and it is important to address them, for best and lasting improvement.
The skill of pain specialists, pain management clinics and rehabilitation programmes is in overcoming these physical and psychological effects in addition to reviewing pharmacological drug management.
Pain specialists are also involved in spinal injections. These are undertaken with X-ray control and under 'theatre' conditions. These techniques include epidural injections and nerve root blocks for nerve root pain in the arm or leg (brachial neuritis and sciatica).
Facet injections are used to determine whether spinal pain is arising from the facet joints and if these give temporary relief then facet denervation is undertaken to block pain arising from these joints.

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