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Surgery for spinal problems

Of the spinal problems which present in Osteopathic practice, by far the majority are appropriate for hands on treatment, exercise rehabilitation, trigger point needling and injecting.
However, it is important not to forget the role of a Spinal Surgeon in managing those cases which have progressed beyond the scope of Osteopathy, are persistant or complex and those requiring further investigation or surgical procedures. These include severe disc prolapses with or without intractable nerve pain, spinal surgery, trauma, severe scoliosis and those where medical pathology is suspected.
In Ipswich we are fortunate enough to have a very strong Spinal Team based at Ipswich Hospital. This was started by Mr John Powell and Mr David Sharp who have more recently been joined by Mr David Cummings and Mr Robert Lovell.
Mr Sharp and Mr Lovell practice privately from 10 Fonnereau Rd and Mr Powell from Ipswich Nuffield Hospital 

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